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The Land of Elyon

The world beyond the Dark Hills

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Welcome to the community! This is a brand-new, under construction community about the book series, The Land of Elyon, by Patrick Carman!

I, yukinoomoni will be your hostess. Feel free to come on in and enjoy your stay!

A few rules that need obeying:
1. BEHAVE. I know it's rich for me to say this, but I won't tolerate flaming. Debates are one thing, but flat-out flaming of any kind is unacceptable. I won't have it. If you do it, you're out. End of story.

2. INTRODUCE YOURSELF. If you have just come here, please post and let us all know! It helps to know who is here and active, and it keeps the flow of conversation going.

3. OFF-TOPIC POSTS ARE NOT ALLOWED. If you are to post something, post it related to the series. I don't care how far-off it is, it HAS TO BE RELATED. I will not tolerate posts that belong in your own personal journal. Anything with spoilers must be under an lj-cut.

With that being said, come on in and feel free to discuss the series we all love! Thoughts, beefs, kudos, and observations are welcome here. Any questions, email me.

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