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Neglected Update

Forgive my delay. I've been meaning to write an update but life decided to sneak up on me, and no one wants that.

Into the Mist is a prequel that tells the story of the Warvold brothers escaping their childhood orphanage and seeking adventure. It ties in nicely with Alexa's next book, as the island Alexa and company are headed to is inhabited by a colony consisting of the children who escaped the orphanage. Several secrets are revealed, answering alot of questions about the brothers, but many are left unanswered.

I didn't enjoy Into the Mist as much as I would have liked to. I found it a bit rushed, although the parts with Alexa, Yipes, and Thomas were a joy to read. It was also neat to read the story from the gentle Thomas, as opposed to the reckless Roland. However, as a hole, I still found something lacking about it.

Stargazer continues where the Tenth City left off, and it begins with a quite and unexpected death that left me reeling. I understand why it happened, but, especially after reading Into the Mist, it was a hard one to digest. In Stargazer, Alexa finally meets the colony of lost children, now grown up and with children of their own. In this tale, Alexa and company, with new friends, have to face a somewhat anticlimactic and comical Abaddon, as well as journey to the Tenth City once more.

In this book, Alexa finds her true place up in the skies, like her uncle had in the seas. There's a marriage, which threw me, and while Abaddon is certainly a key element in the story, he's thrust on the backburner and takes his sweet time mustering up an attack. I found this one far more satisfying than the Tenth City and Into the Mist combined, but I'm still eager to learn more about what, precisely, Abaddon and Elyon actually are. They're more than metaphors for God and Satan, and yet they seem almost passive as well. It's something I was irritated about by the end, the lack of detail.

However, Murphy's surpise visit was a wonderful and nice touch.

Opinions? Thoughts?
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